Camping: Fun Activities for Days Out in the Wild

Camping: Fun Activities for Days Out in the Wild

In winter or spring, camping is, hands down, one of the best ways to spend leisure time with family or friends. It takes daily routines out of the way, allowing you to experience nature in a fun and relaxed manner. To make it more memorable, engage in other activities other than sleeping in a tent or a car out in the wild. With a little creativity, you can engage in countless, unforgettable games. These vary depending on the location and the age of fellow campers.

Unlike at night, there are no limits to daytime activities as it is safer to go far from the tent. If you are camping near a river, go canoeing or kayaking upstream, which offers a more challenging and unpredictable activity than a downstream trip. When you are worn out from paddling, allowing the tide to push the canoe downstream as you relax and enjoy the scenic riverbank, you can also kayak downstream, which is fun, especially if you have not been down that river before. Alternatively, take a walk along the riverbank, either upstream or downstream, to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.

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For children, fishing in shallow areas is a fun way to keep them engaged. If it is safe to step into the water, they can enjoy this under the supervision of an adult, whose job is to ensure that they do not wander far into the stream. Couple that with a more energetic game such as swimming or jumping from one stone to another.

When you go camping in the woods, take a bike for those days that you feel energetic enough for a ride on the rough terrain. It is quicker to venture into the woods with it than on foot as you can cover the greater distances within a shorter time. Additionally, carry cameras and compete capturing photos of moving wildlife such as birds taking off. Use this exploration time to gather fruits and other edibles to have when you get back to your camping site.

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On a day that does not involve trips, play popular games such as football or baseball. Alternatively, create a game of your own such as a variation of dodgeball where two people from the same team stand facing each other, at least twenty feet or more apart. The members of the other team get into spaces in between them and try to dodge a ball. They cannot go past a certain circumference to escape, and if a player is hit, they get off the game. If a player catches the ball, he restores all the teammates who had been kicked out. When all players are kicked out, the teams switch places. The winning team is the one with the highest number of successful dodges.

Whether with friends or family, light a fire at night in a pit, a safe distance from the tent, and sit around it to chat the time away. It not only keeps wild animals away but also provides warmth on a chilly night—roast foods such as marshmallows or hot dogs on wooden sticks for a nighttime snack.

Camping: Fun Activities for Days Out in the Wild

Another nighttime fun game is the popular “never have ever” game. This involves revealing what you have ever done in your past, whether secretly or in public. Get drinks, alcoholic or otherwise, and sip each time something that you have done is mentioned. For instance, if a player states that they have never lied about their whereabouts to their parents, you are supposed to sip your drink if you have ever done so. Make it fun by pausing for the details each time a player’s response raises your curiosity.

More captivating games include ones that require quick thinking, failure to which a player gets disqualified. Play “describe and guess” in its various forms, such as described by words or actions for a teammate to guess what it is within a defined time limit. The winning team is the one that gets the most answers right. “Truth or dare” is another fun game that is best done with friends. Keep in mind that the best games are those that make you double over in laughter or feel relaxed, as that will keep the experience in your memory for many days to come.