The Canopy Layer of The Rainforests

The Canopy Layer of The Rainforests

Imagine walking through a nature trail with exotic birds chirping on the vegetation, with the sound of a stream rushing nearby. When closing your eyes from the comfort of your seat, peace can steal over you. One thing that can’t be imagined is a rainforest that has a clear view of the sky as the desert. Due to the number of tall trees that have grown, others have huge layers that vegetation that acts like an umbrella covering the floor of the forest. Some places that experience heavy covering can get you thinking daytime is night, only a ray of light will remind you that it’s not.

A canopy is formed when trees

A canopy is formed when trees grow to spread their leaves up there very high above other plants. These leaves form an umbrella-like structure that gives rainforests the cooling effect and protection from excessive sunlight. Due to lack of adequate sunlight, some plants die while others develop mechanisms to intertwine themselves on the trunk of the trees to go up and look for sunlight. This covering results in the moisture for those plants beneath being maintained, the green color becomes most dominant. Animals enjoy the coolness because it shelters them, from the hot draining sun.

Tree species found in rainforests are

Tree species found in rainforests are old and others may be endangered, these grow to be big not to forget huge unlike the types of plants during reforestation initiatives. The older vegetation grows, the bigger they become, the leaves they shed at each level down and decompose to form a breeding ground for insects or even manure for itself. Little trees have to adapt to new mechanisms of getting much sunlight for example growing with broad leaves or growing only in places with adequate sun or probably a meadow. Creatures that are used to live in these woodlands due to the cool climate may die when taken out of their natural homes.

The Canopy Layer of The Rainforests

Once in a while, researchers may clear some leaves forming the canopy in places they use for studies in the rainforests. Countries with these forested lands take advantage of them and invite tourists to come to see the splendor of their country then have lunch under the canopy. Rescue centers for injured animals located inside exotic woodlands are given the natural environment for the animals to heal better by the canopy. It works like hot soup to a sick person, recovery is better and faster. Imagine seeing a purple canopy, some vegetation is weird, although you should restrain such ideas to imaginations only.

You may have seen in the news how poachers are a great danger to rainforests, they destroy the huge trees leaving the place looking like a skinless skeleton. An ugly sight to behold, you can get in touch with organizations that seek to protect this rare gem and work as a volunteer in keeping the planet green. Every country should have at least ten percent tree cover, canopied forests serve for the largest percentage of natural plant cover. You may want to take a trip to one in your free time, the Amazon rainforest and Congo forest are the best-known destinations.

Canopies offer a home to birds that like living where they see the sky and have a good view of prey or maybe their weight cannot be supported by weak branches. These birds take advantage of the view to hunt, they have good eyesight, suddenly, you can find a mouse struggling for its life under the claws of a huge bird. Their nests are also safe up there away from predators like snakes and rats. From above, a woodland can look like a ball of green blankets but if you happen to fall through the bushy sheets of vegetation, you will get shocked.

In the past, where there used to be wars, canopied forests used to offer good shelter for soldiers or refugees who have just escaped a war. You should remember that there are dangerous animals like tigers and snakes, this makes living in the bush a competition for survival. Imagine running away from a tiger, which is still chasing you only to meet a black panther ahead. That scene looks like a movie scene, but it can happen if you decide to go live in a rainforest. Although, the idea of living there is impossible because organizations that seek to protect the planet are against such.